Monday, December 21, 2009

Party time - the photo's!!!!

So as I reported last week - off we went to Toulouse for the 'Soirée fin d'année 2009'.  Now you are going to see the real Century21 team from Souillac!!!

Please note, I have not asked permission from anyone to post photo's!!  It's funny isn't it how you forget the camera after a few glasses of champagne?!

The outing started in the early afternoon.  I was in the car with Céline driving, Florence and Marie.  We were all suitable excitable and really looking forward to the evening.

Us girls went to buy a few essentials for the evening, such as new lipstick etc!   It was threatening to snow so we were a little worried for Laetitia who was at that moment on a course in Paris.  She was due to fly down to Toulouse and be there around 9.30pm....  Lionel (the boss) had already set off with Nadine (manager from our sister office in Gourdon) and Francis was also 'en route'.

We had a fabulous meal.  Followed by a 'spectacle' of Brazilian dancers and then a disco.

The menu
Ready Céline??

Go spock!!  (Our Francis taking advantage of the dancers!!)  What a mover!

Our Céline and Florence

Spock, myself and Céline
The very elegant Nadine from Gourdon office!

Ok, the evening is well underway!
Florence, Marie, me, Céline!

Nadine and Lionel.  Manager from Gourdon and our boss!
How many glasses???!!

Florence, Céline and me.

Have I got these photo's out of order here as we still don't look as if the effects of the champagne have set in!
Another bottle of champagne Marie?

Marie and Florence!

Just eat it Marie!  (With Lionel)

We stayed in a hotel, as is usual with Xmas parties and in particular, French parties - they finish late so we stayed nearby.

The morning after with Florence!

And we were rather surprised to find snow when we eventually left the hotel!
Marie, me, Florence and Céline.

Sadly, Laetitia didn' make it for the evening.  All flights were cancelled because of the snow and she didn't arrive until the next morning!

I can tell you, I was a little tired the next day!

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's snowing in Souillac!!

Every since I have lived in this part of France we have had snow for two days every year.  And here it is today!!  Yippee!  I love snow!!!

Doesn't it just make you feel so in the mood for Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Bandas in Souillac!

It was a 'degustation' day in Souillac yesterday!  Lots of tables set up offering you to try some lovely tempting bits to eat.  Some yummy and some not so yummy!!

Everyone was in a really festive mood...  even if is was a little cold.

The Bandas guys were out - nothing like Bandas mood to get those feet tapping!

Even the little train was brought back out from summer retirement to give people a trip around the town.  Nicely decorated too!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A beautiful cottage (with a little tlc) !!

Ref:  3621S                          Reduced again!!!  82.000€!!!!

Price:  99.000€ (agency fee included)  87.500€  Price reduced!!    

This lovely little cottage (well it will be with a little tlc!) is situated in a lovely little village just into the dept of the Dordogne.   10 minutes from Souillac.  You can enjoy village life and a walk to the river. 

The property is actually stone built, has charm and character with it's lovely original wood floors and doors opening up from the bedroom onto a little balcony.... 

Sadly, the interior is well, how shall we say?  Poor, old and dirty!  Nothing a good painter and decorater couldn't solve and a new kitchen and bathroom.  The price reflects this - so it really is a bargain!

Consisting of 2 bedrooms, large kitchen, bathroom, attic space that could be converted and a little open outbuilding that could be a garage.    There is also a central heating system in place.  Bonus!! 

A garden of 293m2 - perfect to turn into a cottage garden!

Voila!  All you need are a few DIY skills and you could turn this little cottage into the beauty it should be!
You can contact me if you require further information, either by e-mail (FAO Kim), or call me on 0033 6 20 82 42 34

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An old drying shed transformed!

Ref:  2961S

Price:  253.000€   Reduced!   229.000€  (agency fee included)

Something a little different!  This very old drying shed has been transformed into a very modern 4 bedroom home.  It's all brand new and has never been lived in.

Situated in a small village by the river Dordogne, just 5 minutes from the town of Souillac.  The village itself is very active, has a small shop and a great fete once a year!

The property itself has been very well restored.  It is spacious and light and from the interior you would never know that it used to house lots of tobacco!  There is a kitchen of 17m2, a laundry room, a large living room of 55m2, 4 good sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two W.C's, a large garage, and an attic space of 40m2.

The bathroom is very well fitted and finished.  It's all very clean and new.  The only thing to do is to fit a kitchen of your choice - all the plumbing is in place. 

A garden of 1350m2 surrounds the property.


Please contact me if you would like further information by e-mail (FAO Kim) or on 0033 6 20 82 42 34.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A tall town house!

Ref:  5496S                                          SOLD !

Price:  60.000€   Reduced to 33.800€ !!! (agency fee included)

Situated right in the heart of Souillac, this little but very tall house benefits from a commercial part on the ground floor. 

This small 'shop' could be exploited for a number of purposes or could be integrated into extra living accommodation. 

On the first floor is the little shop (in need of redecoration).  On the first floor is the Lounge, second floor the kitchen with W.C and the top floor is the bedroom with shower room.   The living accommodation is in pretty good order and perfectly habitable.  The flat can be accessed directly from a door on the side of the property.

This could be a nice little place for somone who would like a base in sunny Souillac or for someone who would also like a little showroom....

The view from the top and the bedroom.

All in all, this is a nice little property and a price that is like that of an appartment.  Could be a good little investment!

You can contact me if you require further information, either by e-mail , or call me on 0033 6 20 82 42 34

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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Brocante in Brive la Gaillarde!

Quite often on a Sunday, we take time to have a little travel about the countyside and a little passion of ours is to go to the brocante's - antique fairs. 

This weekend, there was a good sized fair in Brive la Gaillarde, just over the border from the Lot into the department of the Correze.  All sorts of goodies on display.
I have to say that we don't actually know very much at all about antiques but we know what we like.  My hubby tends to pick up every clock that there is... I don't know why!  Personally I have no interest in them whatsoever and why he find thems so interesting is beyond me!  Me, however, I found some superb old hats, gloves and very old antique purses.  Simply gorgeous!  I also came across some beautiful little crystal cut, rose coloured wine tasting glasses.  They were so beautiful but I refrained from buying them as I wondered just where I would keep them...  sorely regret not getting them now.
We arrived just as it was lunchtime.  We knew that it would not be so busy, as we all know, the French take eating so seriously and many go home between 12 and 2pm leaving us time and space to view the items properly.  However, some cannnot go home - those being the stall holders.  I sneaked a quick photo of a couple who were sat at their table (above), scrummy food laid out and of course, the obligatory bottle of wine!    And this is is just so common but so classy!!  No quick sandwich for the French!

Brocantes are regularly held and you can always find at least one on every weekend somewhere close by.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A meeting at the office...!

The French love to do re-unions, meetings for this and meetings for that.....  Here at Century 21 we are no different!  Today we have had a meeting with our sister office in Gourdon to discuss all the new properties that have come on to the market and also to see if one office or the other can match a perfect property with client that maybe from the other sector.

Here we have Laetitia, Joelle, Heidi, Jane, Nadine, my chair!, Lionel and little Celine!

This is a monthly event.  And one that is to be followed this evening with an apéritif as is quite correct and normal....   Photo's of that to follow - possibly Monday when the hangover's have gone!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A very old presbytery ....

Ref:  5835S

Price:  70.000€   Reduced to 49.700€ !!!!!  (agency fee included)

This vast property is being offered by the Mairie of a commune in a super little village between Souillac and Gourdon in the Lot.

It was the old presbytery and is situated right in the heart of the village.   In fact the war memorial is placed directly in front of the property so this is a very important place for the locals.

Sadly, the property has been left for some considerable time and therefore, some substantial works are needed.  However, there is enormous potential with there being 250m2 of possible habitable living space.  What is really nice is that all the rooms are of a very good size.  4 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, bathroom and an attic space of 80m2 that could also be converted.  

This is a stone built property with quality stone openings.  It could be a very nice project for someone.  The front of the building has actually been very well maintained as it faces the village square - so this will give you and idea of how it can look all over!  There is a garden to the rear of 525m2.

The village is lovely, there is small commerce, doctors etc.  All that is needed for village life!

You can contact me if you require further information, either by e-mail (FAO Kim), or call me on 0033 6 20 82 42 34

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Building plots everywhere!

If you are interested in constructing you own dream home to your own standards, design,  then you can do what lots of people are now doing - and that is to build your own! 

We have always got lots of different plots for sale in all areas around Souillac in practically every village starting from 14.000€. 

It's very difficult to list every plot on here and put a photo of each one as a piece of land tends to look the same on each photo!  What it best to do, is have a good idea of the area you would like to be in, or give me a good idea of the type of plot you would like i.e, rural, village, town, flat, views etc and then I do my best to match up your requirements.

All of our plots are sold with positive C.U.  That is to say that we have gained the necessary permission to build on the land.

We are also in contact with architects and a very good company in particular, who can help with the design through to the completion of the property you desire!

Please contact me if you are interested in buying a plot of land. You can contact me if you require further information, either by e-mail  (FAO Kim), or call me on 0033 6 20 82 42 34

A rock 'n' roll property for train lovers!!!!!

Ref:  5880S                                                  

Price:  46.400€ Reduced to 45.000€  (agency fee included)

Being part of an estate agents, we do get all sorts to sell!! 

This property has just come onto the market.  I've noted that it is for train lovers as it has open access to the main Paris to Toulouse rail-line!!  In fact approx 10 paces to the left and you are in danger of being squashed!!

The rock 'n' roll parts come in as there is some very attractive graffiti to one side of the property!!

However, however....  I could actually see that this property did have something about it.  Maybe because it is just so different! 

This old SNCF building is actually larger than it appears on the photo's.  Interior measures 82m2, therefore if you put in a first floor, there is a possibility to have a habitable surface of 160m2.  It is square and solid.  Has some very nice stonework around the openings.  There is actually quite a lot of land, 2000m2.

Situated in a very quiet area (except when the trains pass!) I could imagine this property being transformed in to a more open plan living, loft style and for someone artistic or someone who would like something out of the ordinary and a little quirky!

The graffiti was done years ago and you are centainly not in danger of having repeat problems.  One of those one off things.  The land can be transformed in a lovely garden...  I wonder if you can incorporte the siding rail that stops at the side of the property??????!!!  Of course the land could be fenced in, just in case you have problems with sleepwalking and worried you may cross the line in the middle of the night!

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