Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two building plots near to Gourdon!

Ref: 6590g and 6591g

Price:  38.800€ each plot (agency fee included).

Just turn out of the back of Gourdon the town and you arrive in what seems to be the middle of the countryside! In fact, just five minutes drive from the bustling town is where you will find these two plots.

Each 'parcel' has 2500m2 of land and positive outline planning permission on each.
The location could not be more perfect if you like the countryside but don't want to be far from life!  There are just a few other houses dotted around but none overlooking the land.  A quiet little lane passes by and gives you access.
Of course you could buy both plots so that you can have a huge garden!!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A house to restore!

Ref 6577s

Update.....  The person renting the antiques shop has given notice to leave on the 31st March 2011!!  this is now a great opportunity to acquire a property at a great price which you can make into one property if you like!!

Price: 109.000€ (agency fee included)

This is one of those properties that really does have potential at this price!  There is the principal house and an old converted barn that is now a little antique shop that is already rented out for a nice little sum every month!
The house itself is in need of complete renovation, inside and out.  It can't have been lived in for years.  There are however, some really nice features.  It's certainly old, lots of exposed stone and huge attic space!
The antique shop is in very good condition.  This is a commercial let on this part of the property so you can't just occupy it.  The present contract would be passed onto the new owner and you would gain a nice little sum of 370€ per month!
There is also a large garden of 1354m2 which could be used as building land.

*House:  Entrance 16m2
*Kitchen 18m2
*3 Bedrooms 
*Shower room
*Attic space of 96m2
Antique shop of 60m2

The front of the property actually forms an upsidedown U shape.  The shop is directly opposite the house.  This is quite a huge space and you could easily put up a fence between the two properties if you wanted privacy.  Access can be gained into the back garden, which is to the rear of the house so you could have a completely independent access there if you wanted

The shop as I said is in good condition.  It is only a small little place so will not have millions of visitors, it's more like a hobby I think!  There is a little reserve next to the barn where stock is stored and also a hanger for parking.  
The house is well, 'brut' as they say here!  Needs everything doing - but it does have a modern shower unit!!! Just in the wrong place that's all!!  Plumbing and electrics in place but of course, as with most of these older properties, it will need looking at.  Living accommodation could be kept to just ground floor or for more space, you could transform the huge attic.  

This property is situated in a village just 5 minutes from the town of Souillac.  It does have a road that runs alongside (that's how the antiques man gets his customers).  
My view:  Could be a good little investment number.  The price is already interesting since having a commercial let on part of the property is not everyone's cup of tea.  However, this little bit of income is not to be sniffed at!!  The house needs works, but it could be very spacious and is really a blank canvas to allow you  to get those creative taste buds working!

Please contact me if you would like further specific information by e-mail,

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Nearly the New Year.... and some changes!

The annoying santa slay, snowmen and falling snow have now gone from the blog!!!

First day back to work after Xmas.  Most of the French are still walking around in a glazed state after too much champagne, oysters and fois gras!

Me???  Well, anyone who knows me will understand that I did everything to the max!  Lucky enough to have all five of our children around on the big day together with assorted French friends who wanted to experience an English Christmas dinner (sprouts not being a favourite) with the very famous Xmas pud which they all thought was disgusting!!!!!  Mince pies have the same effect!  Ha!  These Frenchies know nothing about fine foods!

So, nearly into the new year and things should change pace a little on the property front shortly.  Things always wind down here towards the end of November.  From now on, we should start getting new mandates in for properties as people start to plan for the year ahead...  that means more blogging for me and more property details for you!

One of the changes is that from the 1st January, we have to show the energy test results of each property.  You will find a the little tickets at the end of each post.

Another big change ....  As the blog is now just over a year old and I have received such a huge, positive response from everyone, (you seem to like my descriptions!) and the boss Lionel (who doesn't understand my descriptions - but can see the response!) has asked me if I will include the properties from our sister office in Gourdon onto the blog.  This means that I will now do 'caravan' (where we see all the new properties coming onto the market) in Gourdon as well as Souillac.  Double the amount of properties on offer to you!  As always, any property I put onto the blog, I will have personally visited.

Here, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone:

A Happy New Year!

Hope to see you all in 2011!

Kindest regards to all.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas market in Martel with an Australian family!

Martel, one of our most beautiful villages of the region, held their annual Xmas market on Sunday.  We had the pleasure of introducing the delights of one of these little local events to some of our latest clients.  An Australian family of seven - plus dog!!
Arriving from temperatures of near to 40° to cold was I'm sure, a little bit of shock to them!  However, being well equipped with special Aussie Ugg boots (they bought me a pair too:) )was enough to keep toes warm.  Delicious warm mulled wine made everything even better!

Introducing you to the family:  They bought a house with me here in Souillac and intend to stay for a French experience for at least a year!
Martel market is small, everyone knows everyone but there was enough stalls to make it interesting.  Stalls were in the old market place and in the Palais de la Raymondie.    Unfortunately for us, so many reservations had been made for lunch that we missed out...  but that did not stop our Aussie friends from trying a little of everything on offer!
The kitchen!
For the repas today, oysters, followed by 'mique avec petit salé'.  New to the Australians!  Mique is like an enormous dumpling and served with a huge chunk of cooked bacon.

Ummmm a little worried perhaps?  Our Laetitia is looking on there with a little smile!
 Go on - try it!
Ok, let the kids test it first!!!


Not expensive!!!!

And not a good idea  to try to put advertising boards up after the office Xmas lunch - especially after a few glasses of champagne!!!!

Here are Florence (accounts) and Laetitia trying to put the board up!

Florence - FOR SALE !!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas market in Souillac!

So we all suddenly felt very festive!    Last Sunday the whole of Souillac was taken over with little stalls selling lots of bits and pieces for Xmas.  Lots of home-made items and artisans selling their wares. The masses really did turn out for a wonderful day.  

Music everywhere and the most incredible smells from all the food stalls.  With cheese, saucisson, mulled wine on every other stall we could not just walk past the stall selling freshly made doughnut's - but made with the old fashioned recipe.  Just so yummy but enormous!  Three of us shared it!! 

In the old market place.
Outside the old market place!
Place de St Martin

The dougnut stall!
The doughnut!
The little rides set up for the children just outside our office!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A very stylish house with a little TLC!

Ref:  6390s

Price:  149.000€   Reduced to 139.500€ !! (agency fee included)

Built in the 70's and still has the same decor!!  But this is a very well constructed house and certainly lots of money was spent on the original construction and finishings.  Marble staircase and lots of ironwork everywhere give this property a special touch of luxury.  It's been left, untouched for several years, without being lived in or heated so looks a little tired and dirty, however, a modest modernisation project will get this one looking pretty swish in no time at all.

Situated just on the outskirts of the town of Souillac, in fact just about three minutes!  Huge garden in front although now rather untidy now, it's difficult to see the house as it lies almost to the rear of the land.  The now weed covered driveway and path takes you down to the house. Private rear garden.

*2 bedrooms 17m2 and 12m2
*Kitchen 17m2
*Lounge 32m2
*Garage 34m2
* Boiler room
*Cave 30m2
*Central heating
*3075m2 garden

Although only having two bedrooms, this really is a spacious house.  The rooms are very good sizes.  Each room has an opening onto a balcony.  Each balcony has wrought ironwork railings...  as has the interior staircase.  Marbled stairs and floors in the main areas.  Yes this really was quite a posh house in it's prime!

The kitchen is large, the lounge very large indeed.  The two bedrooms, the main bedroom in particular being very comfortable size.  

Ok, so the photo's perhaps do not make this property very appealing but it actually only needs a good clean up and redecoration throughout with some tasteful decor and of course new kitchen and bathroom...  and it could be pretty amazing.  

I think that the garden must have been well planted and it could be a great experience to see what comes up in the spring!  I know that underneath all of the long grass is the hidden driveway and path so this also could look pretty incredible once cleared.  
To the rear of the property is a super terrace the width of the house.  The rear garden is private and quiet and actually has an old 'bassin' that many of these old 'bourgeois' houses had back in the day - could make a very nice fish pond!!!

My view:  Very nice property.  Nothing structural to do.  Just a make over and you could be living the life of luxury!!

Please contact me if you would like further specific information by e-mail,

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