Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One of those unique French properties....

Ref:  4468S

Price:  660.000€   Reduced  627.500€ (agency fee included)

Well, this property really does have many special things about it.  Situated high up on the 'Causee' between Martel and Carennac.   This really is a superb  'ensemble de caractére'!  Perfectly peaceful location.....  There is the main house, gite and several outbuildings, 5 hectares of land and your own personal cave!

Surrounding the property are the ruins of an old village!!  Now a fully protected site.  You can see the tumble down remains of the old stone houses all around.
There are uninterrupted views all around the property with no neighbours in sight!  

The main house itself has five bedrooms, so a substantial size.  All of the buildings are in good condition.  The interior needs some updating in my own humble opinion but this is decor and furniture only as there are some beautiful old features in the house. It just needs stripping back and some suitable furniture. 

I will let the photo's do the talking .....

The natural cave can be accessed by this inspection chamber.  

So, a very special property indeed.  One for those who would like peace and quiet....

Please contact me if you would like further specific information by e-mail cabinet.theron@century21france.fr (FAO Kim)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Well done me!!!

Am I allowed???  Can I ??  Should I???

Oh, OK then...!!

Just a little pleased with the feedback I've been getting from the blog!  It takes quite a bit of time but I have to say but I really enjoy doing it.  I wasn't sure how people  would take me being so honest  about the properties - but they seem to love it.  Makes my job all the more interesting and fun!!  I'm going to start a competition soon for the worst bathroom too....!!

Here are some of the e-mails I've received:
Hi Kim
Really enjoy your blog, a breath of fresh air after slogging through some of the property descriptions.
Could you give further details on the following properties:  6062S, just seen this, and 4831 a lovely looking house, not so sure about the red handles though!!
If you could send anymore photos and the location that would be great, I am over in the UK soon ( May) and was thinking of a trip to France to look at properties.

Hi Kim.

Just a few words to congratulate you on your Blog;  very refreshing to have properties for sale displayed in such an interesting way!  It seems that too many immobiliers follow the same old boring format.
In the meantime I will follow your blog!

I ran across your blog and had to let you know how helpful and pleasurable it has been!
My wife (Jane) and I are considering purchasing a second home in France (mostly me doing the considering, but Jane's coming around).  We are both big Francophiles and travel there every year or two.  We are now living in Florida and looking to join the many snowbirds around here that head to cooler climes for the hot summer months.  Southern France would be ideal, particularly since Jane and I are avid cyclists and outdoor recreation fans.
We will likely get serious about a property search in the next few years once the kids are settled in their own careers and we are free to roam a bit more.  For now, it's looking and dreaming time.
Thanks again for the info and I'll be staying tuned!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Flights London - Brive/Souillac starting from 25th June 2010!


It has just been announced that flights can now be booked between London City airport and Brive/Souillac airport from the 25th June 2010 from 59€.

Here is the link to the report from La Depeche (French news article) http://www.ladepeche.fr/article/2010/04/15/817208-Aeroport-Brive-Souillac-des-vols-vers-Londres.html

Here is the link to City Jet for bookings!!! http://www.cityjet.com/
C'est ce type d'avion qui sera sur le tarmac de l'aéroport au mois de juin.
Brive/Souillac airport is only 20 mins from Souillac!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Are 'raised beds' more posh than veg patch? !!

Am I turning into my mother??  Quelle horreur!!  I certainly must be getting old .....  because I bought courgette plants this morning!!!!!!!  What is going on???  But I'm all excited  - this gets more bizarre with each passing moment......!

Oh what a beautiful sunny morning here in Souillac.  My clients have been delayed for our meeting so I took full advantage and made a tour of the market!!   Now we are in the stages of trying to develop our own new garden as we have only been in the present house for just a year.

Get this - I made hubby make some raised beds as I thought it sounded a bit more posh than veg patch!!!  Thought I would have a go at this gardening lark and be more bio!!  I've bought some aromatic herbs also this morning (laughing at myself here for using such a phrase) and 50 spring onions to plant out.
I did also succumb to the very red succulent strawberries on offer...  However, back in the office I decided to share them out and Francis (yes the all knowing nature guy!)  flatly refused to even try one.  "Beurk - they are all full of chemicals.  It's not strawberry season yet!" and he didn't take one!!!  Tasted ok to me!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maison de Maitre with barn and charm!!

Ref:  5764S

Price:  325.000€ (agency fee included)

Presently owned by artists, this very nice, impressive property has a contemporary feel about it, which is rather nice,  from the exterior you would imagine something entirely different.  

Situated in a very sought after area and not far from the river Dordogne and about 10 km's from the beautiful village of Martel.

* 192m2 habitable space
*4 bedrooms
*3 bathrooms
*Large lounge of 38m2
*Dining room of 21m2
*Full Central Heating

*Pig sty
* Open hanger

The internal proportions are really good making it spacious, light and airy.  Some very nice original features such as the fabulous old tiles in the entrance hall take you back in time until you turn left into the dining room to find it decorated in white and just the artists paintings giving a striking splash of colour.  Most of the house is finished in this style and it certainly made me come away thinking I'm going to take full advantage of 'vide grenier' season and de-clutter my house (!!!) as it just gave the impression of an uncomplicated lifestyle.

The lounge is large with French doors leading out to the garden.

The kitchen is simple in style but charming.  Bedrooms are all good sized and the wooden floors continue...

Opposite the main house is the barn.  In excellent condition and presently used as a gallery for the artists.  There is also a lovely old pigsty - the yard to this being the new BBQ area!!

Also in the garden is a hanger which has been used for shaded dining during the summer months doubling up as a summer workplace.

All in all this is a lovely property in a lovely location.  

Please contact me if you would like further specific information by e-mail cabinet.theron@century21france.fr (FAO Kim)

Don't forget to add me to your favourites or click on the link to 'follow' the blog. I will be updating as and when new properties come onto the market, news about the area, oh, and a little about my French life!!