Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A large country property with 2 hectares of land!

Ref:  6389S

Price:  218.000€ (agency fee included)

Oh what a location!!  Oh what awful, overpowering flowery wallpaper!!!  But you must look past the that to see what a beautiful property this is....

New on the market.  A beautiful old house which is actually mostly built of stone under that crepie.  Four great sized bedrooms  with two bathrooms.   It is light and bright (even with the decor) and you just look out across the land.  

*Four bedrooms (one measuring 25m2)
* Large kitchen of 17m2
*One bathroom
*One shower room
*Large lounge of 40m2
*Integral garage
*Large independent garage
*Nearly two hectares of garden
*Central heating
The location is idyllic.  Peace and quiet and about two minutes from the river Dordogne.  Access is down a small, rarely used country lane.  
Down by the river...

The garden is huge and flat.  To the side is an area for wining and dining which is covered by a grape vine which were just ripe when we visited - so we had to try a couple of bunches - very nice!   There are quite a few trees and bushes growing somewhat randomly around the immediate area of the house.  This gives an air of mystery!   It is about 3 km from the village of Vayrac where there is all small commerce.  

The lounge is quite an exceptional room.  It is large, 40m2, but is such an interesting shape which makes it so inviting.  I could imagine arranging my (more tasteful!) furniture around the fireplace.  The kitchen is very much older style but because of it's size, you really could do something very nice.  The main bedroom is large.  Once again has some lovely shapes to it.  The photo's can give the impression that the ceilings are low - this is due to the love of the previous owner wallpapering everything in sight, including the ceilings!  However, I'm much taller than the average French person and there is plenty of room!

There is a large terrace on the first floor.  Oh how you could enjoy a quiet coffee taking in the views......!
The bathrooms are basic (aren't they always?!) but all very usable.  
There is an integral garage, a chauferrie (where the boiler is) but also a huge independent garage that could store two cars and the tractor needed to mow the lawn!

My view:  A very nice property.  Close your eyes for two seconds, re-look at the photo's imagining a white blank canvas...... Just add colour of your choice and you could have a stunning property!!  You will not be disappointed with the location if you like a peaceful life.  

Please contact me if you would like further specific information by e-mail, kim@century21.fr

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Market day today!!

I just posted on Facebook that I could hear and smell  the market...  so, I just went outside to take some photo's for you!

Did you see this guy on Jamie Oliver's programme,  (the famous chef) when he was in France???  I am sure it was him -  and this is where I get my saucisson too!!

Real bread!

Duck, famous in this region so how about duck heart brochettes??!!

And here are the guys who are playing all the music.  Must say I'm foot tapping now I'm back in the office.  So far there has been I am the Walrus, Englishman in New York.  Hang on there...  just waiting for the next one to start whilst I am writing...  oh it's a French number... but it's got them all going!!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What's been happening around Souillac?

I've been a little slow recently on updating the fun side of the blog  i.e  the events that are going on here.  Truth is, it's like I'm on holiday myself so I've been busy (for the reason of being able to update my blog followers of course) enjoying all the fete's and events!

Tourists have come along in their thousands and the region has been buzzing!!  I just thought I would show you a few photos of what's been going on.....  

The fair came to Souillac:

Vide Greniers: 
I love the vide grenier's!  It is a Sunday hobby for myself and my husband.  You get to enjoy sifting through some great items and you have to follow it up with a coffee in the village to enjoy the atmosphere!
Here is the link to the vide grenier diary: http://vide-greniers.org/
This one was held at St Sozy

This one was in Les Quatres Routes

The Bandas in Martel!
Held annually in and around the streets of Martel.  Several Bandas groups battle it out until the early hours of the morning to become the champions!  Loyal supporters follow each group.  You can't help but get into the atmosphere as you are sure to get a blast of a horn right in your ear at some time during evening!  Champions take final position under the Halle in the market square to enormous support.  Don't go to Martel the following day to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee either as they are out in force again!!

Hi Stuey and Susan!!  
New to the region and new to Bandas!!

I've never seen anyone so aggressive with a drum as this guy!!

A 10k run around the streets of Souillac and our Francis:

Our Francis was so quick I only just caught him on photo as he was going by....! (the one with the red scarf)
Ahhhh - here he is on his second time around.  Our 'Spock' from the office!
He didn't win but as they say it is the taking part that is more important.
Skinny legs Spock!!

Foire de Caminel:
A one day event.  Lost in the middle of the countryside and attended by thousands!  A fete about melons and donkeys!!!!  Oh I love these events.  This one was held near to Masclat.  There were stands for many local products and old farm machinery etc.

I think they still use these....!!

After a hot busy day ....  everyone stopped of Chez Nicole!   A restaurant, situated in this 'lost' village of Masclat - but one of the busiest in the region.  You have to go where the French go as you know it will be good!  Entertainment had been planned for this evening as it often is.