Monday, February 28, 2011

Building plot - 2 500m² !

Ref 3184g

Price: 29 800€ (agency fee included)

A lovely level building plot of 2 500m².  Outline planning already obtained!  That means water and electrics are close by.
Situated in the countryside but having a few houses dotted about and a little hamlet nearby.
Nearest croissant is in Concores about 2km's away!!  Other small commerce and bar/resto also.   Only 10 minutes from the town of Gourdon in South West France!

Some fab views here - remember it is winter so the distance looks a little brown - wait until the trees have their leaves and you are just surrounded by a beautiful landscape!
View to the right...
And to the left.... another little hamlet.

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Huh hum... a property with potential?? !!

Re 6665g                               SOLD!! bucket and all!!!

Price 110.000€ (agency fee included)

Well...  what can I say about this one?  The truth and then you decide!!  However, you must read through my details of this one before you dismiss it!
The good things about this one is that it is situated within walking distance of the town of Gourdon.  Perfect for access to the shops and bars and restaurant's on foot.  Actually I like the proportions of it - great size kitchen! Double glazed and central heating.  It's a good price and it has potential!!

*3 bedrooms.  12m², 16m², 13m²
*Huge attic space 35m²
*2 bathrooms
*Kitchen/dining 37m²
*Lounge 34m²
*Garden of 700m²

Where to start?  Well, you will see from the photo of the front of the property that there is a huge gap in the roof to the left hand side as you look at the photo.  A tree had fallen onto the roof!  It doesn't leak so the owners have not been pressed to fix it!!  The balcony, which is a nice decorative feature or should be if it was in good condition, is a little bonus and it leads from off of the main bedroom.

Next, fabulous surprise is as you walk into the property.... you nearly trip over the rabbit that is running free! You will see from the photo's that lots of work has been started but not finished, even more noticeable once inside as the insulation seems as though it will fall on your head as you walk into the lounge!  Works have been done to put new electrics and plumbing throughout the house but as yet, the little finishing touches of putting a ceiling up have yet to be accomplished!!   However, lets turn this around.  How many times do you think that there maybe hidden defects behind walls etc?  Not with this property - you can plainly see them!!  The lounge though is good size and will be a comfortable room - well that is when you have covered the concrete floor, making good the odd missing bits on the steps!

The kitchen is really (or will be) nice!  Huge room.  Fireplace in the corner.  Same decor as the lounge i.e the ceiling is open!  However, you can see that this is a spacious room.   I love big open kitchens like this.

Upstairs you come to the three bedrooms.  It seems that annoying little singer Justin Bieber or whatever his name his has also infiltrated into young French girls lives and is everywhere on walls in poster form!   The second bedroom has doubled up as a teenage lounge room (no socks left lying around) and the master bedroom (very grand title for the moment  - just  until the works are finished!) is a very good size, L shape and has lovely full length doors leading onto that scruffy terrace!

The bathroom has recently had a shower added....  !!

Upstairs, the huge attic space is certainly the wow factor part of this house.  Wow, what is that bucket doing hanging in the middle of the room????!!!!!!  Seriously, attempts have been made to make this into a huge extra liveable room.  And it is a fab space .  Walls have mostly (!) been boarded in and the chimney has the bucket hanging underneath to stop raining coming in.  Perfect!

The garden is a good size for a town property, 700m² in total.  Lets just say that has potential too...  a blank canvas for you to imagine to your hearts content of how you would like it to be....  at the moment is is rough, overgrown grass and mud!!

My view:  Ok, so I have been a little jokey about this one.  I like to tell the truth and let you know what you should expect. But that certainly does not mean you should write it off.  You now know what works are needed.  If the location for you is right - then the price is certainly interesting and gives you room to make this your own palace!

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Integrating into French life...

Yes, we have to make a big effort when moving to France I believe, to try integrate fully, try to speak the language, look at things from the French way....

Unless your national team thrashes the French in the Rugby!!!

He - he!!  Had so much fun teasing them all this morning in the office after the six nations game on Saturday.  England v France.  Go England!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Looking for a new pet rabbit in France...

Sadly we lost our pet rabbit 'Ted' last summer.   What a great little character he was.  We miss him! 

We wanted to replace out much loved bunny ....  so one of my daughters began a search.  There is a well known website in France where you can buy and sell just about everything.  Searched under rabbits....

5€ each or 6€ skinned and without head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to love these Frenchies - well that's customer service I suppose!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A fantastic quirky town house! Fully restored!!

Ref:  6248S                                            SOLD!!!!!

Price:  119.000€   115.000€ (agency fee included)

A beautiful old original town house of Souillac.  Apparently it used to be a bar!!  The property has been fully restored including full double glazing (lots of windows!) Recently  rewired, re-plumbed with full central heating system.  Nicely decorated and has plenty of the old original beams on display.  For an old house, it is certainly very light and bright.
My heading says quirky because that is what it is!  It's a quite a large house with 135m2 of habitable space.  Dare I use a typical estate agent quote of it being 'deceptively spacious'!!  It's built on the angle of one of the oldest roads in Souillac, near to the Abbey, therefore, all the rooms are are different shapes and sizes.  This only adds to the character!!   
Please note that I am only suggesting how many you may want to use some as office, study or even perhaps a work studio...  so this one ranges from 3 to 5 possible bedrooms. 

*2 bedrooms with large dressing rooms (equally could be further bedrooms or offices)
*1 huge bedroom on the 3rd floor of 41m2 ( or perhaps an artist studio???)
*2 large bathrooms

The ground floor has a fully fitted modern kitchen with hob and oven and a very nice dining room with lounge.   1st floor has a very nice room that has an old cantou fireplace that has been closed and now is for decorative purposes only.  This could be used as a bedroom or study.  These old town houses often had rooms leading from one to another and this property  is no exception.  From the room with the fireplace,  another room leads off of it of 7m2.  Perfect  for an office or as a large dressing room.  There is also a roomy bathroom!!!  Yes room to swing two or three cats!!  9m².  (Sorry to confuse non regular blog readers - I always comment on bathrooms!)  White, bright and clean also!!

2nd floor is pretty much the same layout as the 1st floor.  Very comfortable size bedroom which has an old original inbuilt wardrobe.  The room off of this again about 7m2 would make an ideal dressing room.  Again another large bathroom ....

The top floor is bit of a wow factor for a house in this budget range.  Perfectly restored from the old attic space into a spacious room of 42m2 where the old beams have all been incorporated beautifully into the decor.   

All in all this is an excellent example of an old Souillac town house and it has been restored!   Beauty of these properties is that you are in the town centre with all local commerce, the market, restaurants and bars within two minutes walk.  Also possible to walk to the river Dordogne in 5 minutes to enjoy a stroll on the riverbanks!  Perfect for dropping off your bags and suitcases and enjoying French life!


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 Oooh TV cameras in the market square in Souillac this morning! I was sorely tempted to go the fresh fish stall to be filmed.... I would have waved of course..... and no doubt cut out!

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A 3 bed chalet - on the golf course!

Ref:  6606s

Price:  155.000€ (agency fee included)

Situated on the golf course, Souillac Country Club, just on the outskirts of Souillac.  In one of the little' hamlets' within the grounds at the club, is where you will find this 3 bedroom chalet in perfect condition!  See the link to the club here:
The golf course is open year round.  There is a clubhouse, restaurant, tennis courts, swimming pools and many other recreational facilities.  The chalets are divided up into little areas or kind of like little 'hamlets'!  They are all nicely positioned and this one is no exception.  Backing onto wooded area gives privacy behind.  There are individual swimming pools to every few chalets plus the larger communal pool near to the clubhouse.

It is a very good set up here.  All of the chalet's are well maintained and in excellent condition.  You pay a charge for this, as does everyone else, but it ensures the maintenance of all of the buildings.

The chalet, as I said is in excellent condition throughout.

*3 bedrooms
*1 bathroom
*1 shower room
*500m² of land.

The kitchen is well equipped and the lounge is very cosy indeed especially with the wood burning stove....  There is a shower room on the ground floor - good idea if you have just come in from the pool or a round of golf.  Upstairs you will find the three bedrooms and bathroom.  One of the bedrooms even has a little balcony.

Outside there is 500m² of grass!  To the rear of the chalet is a lovely patio area.  There is a small shed to store garden furniture and your clubs!  
One thing that must be remembered with a chalet like this - you don't necessarily have to be golf lovers!  You can live in them all year round if you want to and to find a property, at this price, in perfect condition makes it quite interesting!  

Important also, is the rental potential of these places.  They rent out for very good rates in the summer time....

Charges by the Souillac country Club
Maintenance is €468.53 per quarter.  This includes monthly security checks on
the lodge, repairs, cleaning and preparation for visitors, pest control, preparation and shut down for winter (draining water etc).

Co-propriety €1,095 per year. Care of pool, roads, lighting, grass cutting etc.

My view:  One to think about!  Imagine, you don't have to worry about a thing and that can be important with holiday homes.  There is always someone on hand to check on everything.  Condition is perfect and can be used as soon as you put your suitcase down!  Think about that rental potential too....


Please contact me if you would like further specific information by e-mail,

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